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“There are times in our lives when we reach our crossroads. When we find ourselves stuck between a series of impossible choices; should we move forward? Should we turn back? Which way is the right way? How do we know?”

“When there’s an impossible choice to make, when we must choose a path, how do we know? How can we be sure that we’re making a choice that we won’t regret?”

“Sometimes there are things that we don’t allow ourselves to know because we’re not ready or because we’re frightened for the implication but our bodies are not easily fooled.”

“I am a fighter, but at some point you have to face reality.”

“At some point Adam, every battle has to come to an end. You either win or lose, that’s life.”

“But the eyes are blind; one must look by the heart.”

“If at first you don’t succeed, try a different route.”

“- There are two types of people: the ones who take the safe and practical roads and the risk takers, the ones that carve their own path.
– And which one are you?
– I play it safe…
– Adam, you’re the one who most values honesty so why don’t you tell me what you’re thinking… right now? Why is this so hard for you?
– You were right, that I am a coward
– How you’re a coward?
– Because… I’m not really honest. Not about everything. I tell other people to be brave but then I turn around and I can’t be”

“- I woke up this morning and I thought that every path that we took yesterday it lead us right back here, right? You said that this was a game but i also think is a metaphore. The woods they represent my challenge… do I take the safe root or… carve my own path
– Is worth the trying

“Welcome weary travellers… You asked for a map, Erica, but you had that with you the whole time. The map is within you and your feelings are the guide posts that tell you when to go left and when to go right. Often, we tend not to listen because it’s hard, it’s scary, and we forget that there is no other path to happiness except for the one that we create for ourselves.”

[Being Erica 03×10]


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