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take this waltz

I am going to leave
One thing:
Because none of this is actually going to happen, can I make an appointment with you?
I’d like to make a date to kiss you
It is planned for 30 years
I’d like to see you in …………… at the light house in …………
I’d like to meet you there
I’ll be 58, I would like to see you there on this date at 2pm Eastern Standard Time, August 5th 2040, I’d like to kiss you
Until now I’m married but after 35 years of being faithful to my husband I think I’ll be over and ………… kissed from him

Una persona que tiene ambos papeles…
y yo soy la estúpida que tiene un sólo papel y se queda sola al final.



Mexican, ecogreenlover, designer and music fan.

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