Posted in historia

Brainstorm 60s-70s decade

hippies, jipitecas, hipsters, hip, avandaro, proto-hippies, der Wandervogel, nature boys, yoga, organic food, bohemian, boho, beatniks, beat, anti-war, folk, blues, pshychedelic, visual arts, fashion, counterculture, establishment, eastern philosophy, vegetarian, eco-friendly, san francisco, flowers, subculture, summer of love, mainstream, tribal, yippies, gimmie shelter, altamont, goa, art nouveau, dada, pop art, trippy atmosphere, long hair, jeans, deviant behavior, barefoot, braless, bright color, bell bottom, tie-dye, dashikis, peasant, native, self-made, second-hand, head scarf, headband, beaded necklace…



Mexican, ecogreenlover, designer and music fan.

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