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The selfies

Now I can understand clearly the concept of selfie. Not only understand why there is even a song which just has a few lines and they are not even sung but just spoken.

Anyway, I arrived to the gym today. At this hour is still decent, not too smelly nor crowded. So the dressing rooms of the girls are also pretty much empty. But when I entered today, there was a girl, I guess she knew she was alone. So when I entered I saw her right in the moment and position to take selfie (clearly showing she was in a gym with her gym outfit) so when I entered I said “Hallo!” but trying not to make a big fuss about it in case she would feel embarrassed, so I just greeted and walked directly to my everyday locker, without looking at her anymore.

But obviously she still felt embarrassed because, well, she immediately put her handy down and had a small giggle. Hey I really don’t care if they take selfies for a trend or because well, the narcissism behind of social media. I really don’t, I try not to make fun of people because I know how it feels.

Basically, my message is: live and let the selfies be taken =)


Mexican, ecogreenlover, designer and music fan.

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