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Personally me

Since I remember, I have been organized. Inside of my chaos, there is organization. You could see a pile of papers, books, materials, office supplies, etc… but I do know where each thing is. In that tone, I also remember I always have been a coward (not in every aspect, some I have improved). I used to sleep with my night lamp on, I was already in primary school, so not that baby anymore. I always have to have my closet shutters or doors closed. I’m not sure if it is because of my “organized obsession” or to have privacy or just because I’m used to.

I had always slept on the left side of the bed, now I sleep on the right side. Sometimes I feel I sleep better on the left side but after 2 years, I got used to (and all my stuff is on the right side, I’m a bit lazy to change all that stuff).

Funny thing, maybe I could blame my mom on this, I always take the shampoos and all the curious things they leave at the hotel rooms even though they are really bad and aggressive. A short anecdote: I once took the Bible from a hotel in Texas. It was the only english Bible I had until 2011 and I learned it is quite common to find Bibles in the hotels in the USA, while it is not in México.

In my very organized childhood (giggles in shame for exaggerating), I used to make my bed with the bed sheets quite tight under the mattress. I learned that I guess from seeing my mom doing that with her bed sheets at the bottom side of the bed not to the sides, but I used to do it on the sides as well because I used to move a lot while sleeping, so in the middle of the night I would wake up feeling cold and I had to pull back the sheets. That ended when I went to high school, don’t ask me why, I lost many of my organized habits there. Freedom maybe?

I have never stolen a street sign, although I have wanted to and I was so close of doing that while studying high school, but in the end (as I said in the beginning) I didn’t, I was a coward.

I used to love “Post-it” notes. And I loved them so much I didn’t want to ever use them. That was until I started to REuse blank pages from my notebooks (since secondary) to make my own notes and avoid throwing and wasting the paper away. I once bought a whole package of “Post-it” for a surprise but since then, I don’t buy adhesive notes unless I really need to (which ended in school, now I have everything on digital).

My mom never collected coupons, and if she did (or we did) we never used them. Now, we collect the coupons from the supermarket only when they have really cool and useful products we could make good use for. But once we achieved our goal, that is it, we don’t collect anymore, even if they have some fancy product but if we don’t need it, we don’t collect them (even if in one month we could get what any could get in 4 months, because we do quarter shopping) but never on food.

I am browned skin. But that does not mean I don’t have freckles. I do. My skin has been very sensitive since I was born, and probably because of someone’s genes (who I don’t know). So I have freckles on my face, not the cute ones (small and a few) although personally I like them, but different sizes and randomly positioned on the upper part of my cheeks and nose. They get more visible under the sun of course.

I like taking pictures, is part of my career, not only I learned the art and technique but also like it and I think up to certain level I know I’m good at it. Most of the times of course I am behind the camera, and is very comfortable, I’m the one who looks through the lens and decides what to look and how to show it, but sometimes I also like to be in front of the camera (just for photographs). Unfortunately I am not photogenic. When I know someone is taking pictures, then I get ready and I can look fairly good, but if it’s in fraganti… forget it. Most of the times I don’t widely smile. Unless I am veeery happy and is fully natural. the main reason for this is because in high school a close friend of mine, told me I had such small eyes that every time I would laugh my eyes would almost close (cheeks pushing up the eye to even closing it). Since then I made it conscious and I wanted badly to get my eyes as open as possible. My eyes are already small, but since I had 5 years until I got laser surgery at the age of 22, always wore glasses, with a high amount of graduation specially on the right eye. So my eyes would even look much more smaller. Now even though I don’t wear glasses anymore, I’m already used to. But still I could laugh out loud.

A curious fact: I have peed in the woods/forest. I started to go camping (part of a club, like scouts) when I was 16, and my very first camping was a very basic one, we call it “primitive life” (survival camping) when you are not allowed to take your camping tent or heavy food because basically you are going to learn how to survive with the previously learned tactics. And that included having to pee in the woods and taking a bath in the cold river. Literally.

A memory from my childhood: In the apartment where I grew up, me and my sister used to have a little corner where we used to store our “treasure”. It was a corner near the big window from the living room, there was a rug patch that was not glued, so there we used to store our coins or notes or whatever we would consider secret.

There are some many more anecdotes and memories that eventually I will be writing… but

Why do I write this here and now? To remind myself there were details in my past that were so lovely and weird, most of them so happy and that I’m still so happy, as a grown up, I still have magic moments and those little reminders of me being adventurous, even though a coward and organized for some things, I have made big decisiones based on adventure, love and spontaneous moments that have got me in the place where I am, where I wanted to be, being who I like to be.



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