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Nature is our Knowledge

I enjoy learning new things. Knowing something I never imagined or even questioned. Learning something based on facts or believes. Knowledge is power, they say. But where does Knowledge come from? From experience. From experience with what? Where?

That is where Nature appears. For example, the helicopters: They were inspired on wasps. Man has been watching the plants, the stars, the sun, the moon, the water, the insects, the plants, the microorganisms to understand how Life works. Where does it come from and where does it go. Nature is our fountain of inspiration, experience and knowledge. Nature is everywhere, is in us, we are part of it. Of course, this is nothing new. Philosophers, writers, poets, painters, scientists they all have written and studied about that.

But in our daily life now with some many things to pay attention to (like the world cup for instance hehe) we tend to ignore and take for granted all that nature around us.

I have been growing an small urban garden since I have a balcony (for 2 years now). And every year I have curiosity to plant something new. The first year where vegetables and some wild flowers (some basic seeds to start with) and it was so amazing to see the progress. This year is a mix of veggies, greens, herbs and flowers. And today when I was home, I was watching a little bee that was sucking the honey/syrup out of one of the wild flowers we planted. We call them our babies, and our babies were having “sex” in front of us!! If you think about it, is quite shocking hahaha, but well, that is how they actually reproduce the flowers, thanks to the bees. And we planted this flowers exactly for that purpose, to attract bees and other insects due to the lack of flowers that bees nowadays struggle to go after. Since the use of pesticides, well… they not only kill the bad bugs that eat your crops but also the good ones, and that affects the bees since the pesticide enters to the flower and when they take the syrup, well, ingest the pesticide. Truly quite sad. That is the bad use of knowledge, the wrong application. But for that I have another specific blog to talk about 😉

Anyway was so exciting and specially for me, coming from a big pavement city, getting to see this in my own balcony! Another thing that happened today, was that while taking a walk, we crossed a little pond in the center where are some ducks. And we remembered that on March we were sitting there, talking and catching some sun enjoying the first warm days of the year (spring was already peeking) when we saw 3 ducklings with the mom (the dad was hunting some food). We took pictures, we watched them for a while until it got fresher and went home. Today, we crossed to the same pond, and our surprise was seeing the 3 ducklings. Weren’t ducklings anymore! They didn’t look fully grown and were still hanging out with mom and dad, but definitely were the same and were grown! Another thing I wouldn’t have managed to observe while living in Mexico city.

Let’s not forget, even if we go back to live in the big city, those glimpse of knowledge that nature present to us every single day. Let’s try not to ignore them. Birds are everywhere, bees and butterflies, stars, moon and even if it’s a rainy season, clouds and the rain are everywhere. Let’s stop for a moment and listen and observe. Put down that phone! Take off those earplugs! Turn off that lap! Sit and enjoy. 😌



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