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Dance, jump and sweat – spontaneously

In the (almost) 3 years I have been far away from homeland, I had never gone to a Mexican band concert. Last night was the first time and it was awesome.

I had to admit it wouldn’t have been a band I would have gone to listen live while living in Mexico. At least not my first option. Maybe in festivals but with other bands playing.

I’m so glad we went. We actually found the concert on the same day, meaning it was not plan at all and that’s what makes it even more fun. We were checking our bands to see who’s coming on July to start booking tickets, when out of nowhere songkick gave me the suggestion, according to my profile, to go to Panteón Rococó tonight.

I asked Alex what did he think, and he asked how much I wanted to go. So I had the doubt and I felt torn because it was supposed to be a quiet relaxing Sunday. We had just gone to the river to browse the “Lebendige Neckar” booths after going to the gym. So we were already tired. But at the same time it was a Mexican band!!! And I like their songs, we didn’t go “only” because it was Mexican but also because years ago I loved the ska bands.

Curious fact: my very first song I downloaded for the very first time from Internet was in 1998 and guess whose band was it? It was from Panteón Rococó (la dosis perfecta). I was madly into the song, it gave me another totally different feeling from all the metal rock music I was listening at the moment. That’s when I started to listen ska (bands in English or Spanish).

I thought (because they released a new album this year, 2014) that I was not going to know most of the songs. After all, more than 10 years have passed without following the band closer. Somehow they were more quiet in Mexico, or I was not paying too much attention. But my surprise was that they played most of the old songs. Not only from their first and last album.

I had such a great time. My “hubschy hub” had the opportunity to see a Mexican band on live, a different scenario and different style. I had never been part of a slam and it was awesome. I enjoyed jumping, slamming, singing, dancing, meeting another Mexican friends and feeling like home. The atmosphere is totally different. Even the locals were out of themselves, freeing their European bodies and dancing like latins. I had forgotten how delicious it feels to dance to the ska. The place, the people, the moment, the music, my company. One of the best times in my life. Unfogettable.



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