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Memories vs. Reality

Suddenly you look back, you look deep into the past, scratch those faded memories… and you realise it wasn’t as good as you remembered, it wasn’t that nice, you weren’t that happy. You were just lying to yourself trying to keep the memories fresh and the good face of the things, but you face it and see the other side. Then it makes a lot of sense why you didn’t stay there. Why you made the decisions you made. You are so much better now. The thing is: I don’t see you with the same eyes anymore, I see what you do, what you say and is not unique, it never was. You don’t even make the effort to find a special song, special music and special lyrics for a special person. You make them feel special by repeating words, symbols, numbers, songs and even wishes that have worked before. Maybe what you try to do is patching all over the memories so that you don’t have to remember the original one, you patch a song, a number, a wish, a symbol with the same one but just for another person so that the previous doesn’t bother you. How sad that is! You lack of creativity and effort, you lack of uniqueness so you don’t give uniqueness. I pity that.

Now I found what I didn’t see in you in someone else, I have what I would never had with you. You weren’t that good for me. I idolised you, I had such high expectations and is disappointing facing the truth now. I am so much better now. I make someone special, he makes me feel special, what we have is unique, because we have an make our own memories. Our symbols are not reused, our songs are not recycled. Our wishes come true because we make them unique and create then. I’m happy.



Mexican, ecogreenlover, designer and music fan.

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