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Really Summer

After a very active, busy week… finally weekend! And the best of the weekend was that is was sunny and it was hot (we got 35°C). So immediately we made plans with a couple of friends to go out on Saturday.

It’s sill amazing how important the weather forecast is here, in Mexico city I don’t remember paying too much attention to it. The weather is more stable and one knows when is rainy season, is not like: it may rain or it may not, it just rains! Well… at least that is what I remember. But now, of course, with all the climate change, could be way too different to what I remember. I still think is a bit more stable because of its location. So here, we knew already weekend was going to be hot, and we imagined there would be rain or clouds afterwards because, well… science = hot weather –> heat coming up –> forming clouds –> hot air –> thunderstorms. The summer thunderstorms (not the ones that announce a change of season).

So we got ready on Saturday morning with our shorts and hot pants, bathing suit, sunblock, change of clothes, towels, water, a good book to read while laying down on the grass and off we go! We first met at Bahnstatd, the new green modern district where our friends live. There was a “summer festival” in which they took the advantage to celebrate the “official” opening of the first section of Bahnstatd. Even though has been active at least for a year or so, but the celebration was that the first section is done, now will come 4 more, I think. We drank champagne, Apfelschorle, mineral water and alcohol free beer for us. It was so hot we needed liquid!

After that, we headed to the Freizeit-Bad, a big one that is near the zoo and in the uni area (Neuenheim). There was, of course, a long queue. But that didn’t stop us to get in, no idea why there was a long queue since there are ticket machines that make everything faster! Finally, large green areas, the smell of pool (chlorine) and people in swimming outfits with sunglasses, children running around and eating ice cream. This is summer! I missed some palm trees and coconut smell just to feel like I was on a beach. But this is beach for us in here! Finding a spot under a tree, setting our towels on the grass, taking our clothes off or changing into swimming outfits and here we go! These pools are bigger, like the green areas as well, so as many people there was, it was not as crowded as the last year when we went to a closer swimming pool.

Taking a quick shower before getting into the pool (as a hygienic rule) was already a heads up for the water in the pool, it was so cold! But once being immersed in the pool it was delicious! So refreshing! We were swimming for a while, chatting, watching… Until one of our friends felt too cold and decided to go back to the grass to take some sun. We bought some Currywurst and Pommes (beef sausage with curry mixed with tomato sauce and potato fries). After that, a good nap, card games, talks and back to the final splashdown followed by a Magnum ice cream. Yum!! So chill, so good! After 5 hours, they announce we need to get ready to leave the pool. Is almost 8pm. We go running to catch the bus (which on weekends they run less often, we would have had to wait one full hour or walk back home, which probably would have been the best option). The bus is full of students and families that were enjoying the summer day in the pool as well. We arrive at our destination, all relaxed and tired, and say goodbye with a full satisfaction smile and watching the golden of the sky. What a beautiful day it was.

We went home and watched some series until we felt exhausted. It was a hot night, so bottom pijamas and the duvet were not allowed 😉

On Sunday, we woke up early because we went to Mannheim to the X-Wing tournament. After winning and loosing a few times with such great opponents, at 5pm we had our date in a Cuban restaurant. So delicious! I loved the place, the atmosphere, the decoration (neither overwhelming, nor kitsch) was perfect: a few objects on the wall showing the cuban history and culture in which music plays a big part. I loved the natural rock sinks in the bathroom! And with Rumba Cubana and Brazilian Bossanova in the background, we ordered our Quesadilla de Gallina and Queso a la Plancha. The best of all: the service! The dishes came in so fast (we were at this point almost starving) and the portions were so big! Delicious above all! It was so comfortable to be there. When leaving it was raining (as expected) but not cold, just fresh rain. We headed home with a belly full of food and a heart full of joy (as cheesy as it may sound :P).

Oh summer, I missed you so much! Last year I didn’t enjoy summer as much. But this time, I’m willing to take every season and soak it up. Our weekend was the most simple, but not at all tasteless. We don’t need big things to amuse us, it’s all in the details they say. And I would add: It’s all int he company, it’s all int he attitude, it’s all in the feeling.



Mexican, ecogreenlover, designer and music fan.

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