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Love Metal in the gym?

Today, like any other day, got up to go to the gym. This time wasn’t cloudy so I was even more motivated. I took my music and earphones in case my dj would not be there anymore. But he was, so I didn’t take them out when working out. But… after 20 minutes (when his turn was over and left), Lucas took over… (TRX trainer) and what was my surprise… suddenly he played H.I.M.! whaaaat? I had to stop, I had to make sure it was really what I was listening. Yes it was. In the 10 months I’ve been going there (mornings or afternoons) never listened rock playing in the gym. Was a nice surprise, it’s been years that I didn’t listen specifically that band (since 2008 I believe). And after that, similar bands continued: Linkin Park, 30 secs to Mars, Evanescence and another band I didn’t recognise. By that time my workout was done. I had to thank him 🙂 Danke Lucas!



Mexican, ecogreenlover, designer and music fan.

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