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Random thoughts, all at once

The most delicious time is after doing exercise (your endorphins are quite produced, your muscles sore in a nice way and you feel the great satisfaction all over your body and mind). Only one thing can beat that satisfaction: making love with passion (yummmm).

The best thing of crossing bridges in summer is that there is a big flow of air and is fresh when the weather is hot. BUT is really annoying when the sun is out and because there are no trees on bridges, well… the sun is all on your face, which makes difficult to see with eyes wide open and you start pulling faces when you are not wearing sunglasses or a cap.

The worst thing of crossing bridges in winter is that the wind is very cold, even if the sun comes out it doesn’t warm up and is still hard to see if you are not wearing sunglasses (which is embarrassing because everybody wears sunglasses only in summer: sunglasses = sun = hot = summer, which is silly for me.)

Every morning I go to the gym around 7am, when I’m back most of my neighbours are gone because either they go to the office or school. But even when I’m walking back home it feels weird is already past 8am and I’m still on my sport clothes with my hair “undone”, no perfume no clean smell (not sweaty either). But once I bumped into one of my “young” neighbours (student I guess) on the stairs, he was smelling so nice and clean, shiny and fully awake and me saying “Hallo!” with the hair dirty, sport clothes without a bra, a bit sweaty and with frizzy hair (peinlich!).

The apartment on top of  the building where we live, I don’t know the dimensions but I guess is bigger or has more rooms than ours, is inhabited by 8 persons. Maybe all of them couples, which would mean 4 rooms + kitchen (I hardly think there is a living room, or that they use it as a living room). We call them “students”, which is wrong because I know a couple from Spain that lives there who are not students anymore, they both work. But the term “students” for us means: young people who can’t afford paying the high rent of an apartment in thins district in Heidelberg on their own. Which is really true, rents here in Heidelberg and pretty high to be a small city. But because it has a fame for the castle, river (die Schönheit = the beauty) plus the university which is one of the oldest in Germany with a very high reputation, plus the americans who lived here after the war during the cold war and all that stuff, they built their base here because “they liked it” and that was one of the reasons it wasn’t bombed. But going back to the topic, is amazing how on the index downstairs at the main entrance, every doorbell has a name (most of the times just one last name, here in Germany the women generally adopt the husband’s last name, but in our case we write both last names since I wanted to keep my identity and individuality) but for that apartment, they have 8 names! so is kid of funny 🙂



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