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A year ago…

I was so into macrame, which included the making of most of my earrings, bracelets, headbands, pendants, hand rings and slave anklets. The rolling of paper beads, the loom-knitting of scarves and hats, the beginning of ecogreenlove, the beginning of my tandems and a long-term medication vs. asthma and specially the beginning of my true recycling crafts/deco/ideas. All that learned from being at home suffering from asthma and not being able to go out and enjoy the short but still nice summer.

This year I’m so glad and feel blessed that I could enjoy a long summer so far, very warm (even though is fading now) and also was able to enjoy more going out with friends, my hubsch, grilling, swimming, picnicking (I’m actually surprised that’s a valid word) and most of all working not only of my 4 blogs but also as Tagesmütter, designer and ecogreenlover. This summer I don’t regret anything! anything at all, even if the summer feeling goes away already in the mid of august, I’m able to say I’m fulfilled, I’m satisfied and happy for the things I have achieved so far and could get done until now.

I know I will be missing you my dear mid-eurpoean summer (specially during winter which I guess after a very hot summer the only thing awaiting is a logic cold long winter) but I will be looking forward for the warmer days and I promise I will enjoy as much the blessings of the cold like the snow, the rain, the huge jackets and my handmade scarves, the coziness of getting home or somewhere else indoors with heating, the colours of the roofs popping out below the grey clouds, the blue skies with a not-enough-warming sun and even the rumour of the cold preserving the skin, which means I will get older but a bit slower here than if I were living in an all-year-long hot place.

Anyway, I hope you give me a nice end of summer during end of August (I really don’t think is over yet) and that autumn comes with an even better feeling 🙂



Mexican, ecogreenlover, designer and music fan.

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