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The thing about L.C.

Louis Cole is a brit youtuber I found a few months ago. I have been following/watching youtube as tv for about 3 years. Tired of drama tv series and a lack of tele at home (by choice) I decided to make youtube my new tv. I first found the british youtubers such like Zoella, Alfie, Marcus, Jim… since I was living in London. An because of them I got to know the american youtubers which are quite a different style, but well… I watch them once in a while like Taylor, Hanna (my favourite), Mamri, Grace… and then I moved to Germany and since then I have been struggling to find good youtubers that don’t talk only about fashion and have a nice personality… then I decided to support the mexican ones and as well… I follow quite a number of them.

But during the exploring I found Louis Cole… which so far I can proudly say he is my favourite among Zoey and Harto. His personality, his enthusiasm, good vibes, adventurer, he likes green and orange just like I do, he shows in his pictures and videos such wonderful sunsets (which I’m very fond of), he likes jazz and dubstep, and the best of all: he is one of the best vloggers I have seen… he produces and edits his videos like not so many (excepting Sawyer Hartman, pff… my respect to that man). Both edit their vlogs with good music and good shots, they really make an effort not only showing their lives/activities through their eyes but also reflecting the feeling with high production.

Anyway, highly recommended. He is one of my inspirations. Specially with his final: “Peace Out, Enjoy Life, Live the Adventure. Böm!”



Mexican, ecogreenlover, designer and music fan.

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