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Have you planted Sunflowers? They are beautiful. They start as any other plant: small and with one leaf, slowing growing taller and taller, growing leaves and a thick stem. Suddenly, after a few months, you see little by little, what they seem to be green leaves forming a ball they open one by one showing the blossom. From there, you see the yellow petals, so small that you would never imagine will be a big beautiful flower. They continue growing and in the center you see some black dots, but mostly yellow as well, just the tip of them are blacky. When you turn in the middle of the summer you see the seeds almost fully grown and black, the stem even thicker and much taller than you yourself.

And after the glorious climax of it, starts withering, the head starts bending down… you know is time to cut them and leave them dry out. But the exciting part comes next: Picking one by one the seeds! opening them sometimes with the help of some tweezers, and hearing the empty sound from plucking out the seeds. Then opening them in half (as if they were pistachios) and taking out the actual seed to toast them later and eat them or throwing them to the ducks and birds who love them during autumn-winter. Full of fat and protein.

I had never done that. I had never seen how a sunflowers grows and the height it can reach. If we wouldn’t have grown them, I would had never known how the sunflowers seeds are taken out or how to cook with them! Is beautiful all the things you can learn from a seed in a balcony.



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