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Spontaneous weekend

After such a busy busy bee week (in which I didn’t have the time to work on my green blog), weekend arrived and I couldn’t be more happy to relax and take my days with my Schatz doing nothing. But the cool part was that besides doing “nothing”, he managed to make my weekend even happier with unplanned activities and getting rid of pending stuff in a fun way that didn’t feel like we “had to do” that stuff. Among the stuff we did, was on Saturday having a great sunny mild day starting by going for a walk while the morning was pretty foggy and misty, what a scenery, I loved it!! I had never seen (in these two years) Heidelberg with such a heavy condensed and low fog like that day. So we felt like taking a walk, and since it was public holiday on a Saturday (all saints) the streets were empty, nothing was open and that made it even better.

We had breakfast in a restaurant where we had never had a proper meal. only drinks with my tandems and friends, and it was delicious! After that we decided to go for a ride to Königstuhl to see Heidelberg from above covered with fog (which in that hour was already lifting and less condense) but on our way on the bus (which was packed, clearly everybody had the same idea as us) we heard a couple of ladies who were talking about a Flohmarkt in a traditional Hotel-Restaurant on the hill (where we had never gone but were thinking in going with my parents or friends), so we got off the bus at the stop where this place is and indeed, we saw they were selling their “Erinnerungen” (“Memories” translated) which included wine and utensils from the hotel and restaurant such as liquid soap dispensers, trays, teapots, cups, wine glasses, cables, even horse chairs etc. We spent some time checking the stuff and we ended up with some cups and wine bottles for ourselves or gifts since they are brewed locally, could be great souvenirs.

After that we went back home and we continued our Lost marathon, we started season 4. We talked, we ate, we watched, we played and we cuddled (best part of the day). The sunday was as well relaxing but doing pending stuff like starting to wrap the gifts and packing them, doing some gardening and cleaning. Afternoon free and we became couch potatoes with Lost, we could not stop watching, is turning every episode more confusing and exciting at the same time, trying to figure out what happened, how it happened and who are the one who got out.

Toda is Monday, time to adjust final details for the trip and getting all the stuff organised for the green blog and household. I’m really looking forward to this long trip, I know will be busy for me since I still have to work on my freelance projects and my blog, but is still exciting 🙂



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