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I know you are in a very tough moment right now, I don’t blame you, having migraine being a teenager is not fun at all, but don’t worry, it will end because you will find your place where to be happy and be yourself at last, without being intimidated, pushed or influenced by others (even if those others are your same age). You are just dealing with that right now because you are in a very superficial environment and, believe it or not, in the future when you look back you will remember nicer things and persons from that same time.

No, you won’t be having a “sweet fifteen” birthday party and you will be ok with that, that will actually make you different because you didn’t grow up with those cheesy religious and sexist traditions, that will shape just how you see genders in the future, beginning at home, where there is truly a difference compared to other Mexican families.

I know you feel you will never pass that bitchy english test, but believe, that will be the minor of your language issues, just to motivate you: english language will be your second language, you will be as fluent that when you go to interviews or when you need it to communicate with others, you won’t need a certificate to prove you passed that little exam in secondary and do the TOEFL one more time. And, as if that wasn’t enough, by the time you’re in your 30s, you will be learning your fourth language (Japanese) and believe me, that is a tough one!

At the moment you think you have your future clear as water, you have so many plans and want to to do so many things, go to Scotland and eat the world in one bite. You are not too far from reality: you will go not only to Scotland, but to other many countries. You will actually live somewhere else, not in México but you will make sure to be proud of your country and lift it up a little bit when others meet you, showing the reality against the stereotypes 😉

About the future and plans, not everything goes as you visualise it, and that is O.K. That makes the road fun and unexpected. Don’t feel frustrated if by 30 you still don’t have your own magazine or editorial design office. Things will change, you will change, as well as your passion and perspectives. You will do something that definitively you like and enjoy and most importantly, that helps others.

Love-wise, the trip will be challenging and experimental, with ups and downs. With people you will always remember and others you will surely try to forget. But don’t forget them, they will also show you who you are and will shape you into a better person, we learn from everybody and everything, even mistakes.

Accept and embrace what makes you different, that makes you unique and special. In tough times, try to smile, and even laugh at yourself, that changes everything! Don’t take everything too personal. Don’t try to change others if you want to have respect. Enjoy every family time you can, in some years ahead you will cherish those moments and will be your fortress when feeling alone and lost. Keep the people around, those will be part of your true friends, despite distance and time.

Soak every possible happy moment, don’t just take photos and videos trying to immortalise them. The way to make them infinite is to really enjoy them and remember what and how they made you feel, as well as the persons, places and words.

You will be happy and will achieve so much. Make sure you are happy now.
I love you very very much!

– Me



Mexican, ecogreenlover, designer and music fan.

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