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Janken sketch | untovilordoThe equivalent to “Rock, Paper, Scissors” in Japanese:

Various forms of Janken exist all over Japan. The phrases as well as the hand gestures can vary from region to region. The most common is the following:

Rock = Guu = ぐう
Scissors = Choki = ちょき
Paper = Paa = ぱあ

The song goes something like this:
“Saisho wa guu (最初はぐう)
Janken pon! (じゃん拳ぽん!)”

If there is a draw, they chant:
“Aiko desho!” (あいこでしょ!)”

The rules are the same:
“Guu” beats “Choki”
“Choki” beats “Paa”
“Paa” beats “Guu”


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