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of Art and Andor

This weekend was just what we needed. Saturday was a bit crowded with activities but all were worth of time. We actually missed one we needed to do but the travel agency was closed.

It started at church. Is always great to meet friends and presence a debate between a stubborn and a peaceful woman who always loses her calm with the stubborn. For the ones who first get to this group is a harsh atmosphere, but like he answered: don’t worry, we know each other for a long time! For the ones we do know them, is like: oh c’mon, not again! but is always fun to watch them.

Afterwards, we went to the Flohmarkt, oh my third home! I love to browse among antique and second hand stuff. There is always something useful and on convenient price. For example, I bought myself a feet massage (for both feet in one) for just €5 (the individual one costs at least €10 in shops). Also we’ve got a orange holder (with the S form), also I got myself a little orange backpack perfect with our hiking tours and the last piece of Flohmarkt I’ve got was a set of shape forms (like the ones architectures use) to cut my plastic shapes for the upcycled jewellery. All in all, was a total of €11 yay! Was a great deal I think.

Right after our flea excursion, we took the train and went to Mannheim. We, the upcycling/crafty group, want to make candles reusing our candles and marmalade jars to recreate candles. So we went to a crafty shop in Mannheim to buy the materials… but we had to eat something first, we were already having appetite. So we had a döner, never fails 🙂

After being satisfied with a döner and a döner plate along with soda (which is the only meal I drink soda with), we went in search of the crafty shop only to find out that Yellow Pages are either not accurate or not up to date (weird). We had to go to the crafty shop we only know would for sure have it… so to summarise, we went to Mannheim just to have döner (which we could have had in our usual döner place in HD) and to walk around and go to the usual crafty shop (which we also have in Altstadt in HD). Ah well… but we spent some quality time and we laughed really hard when we saw the long qeue of the ATM…

When sitting on the train back to HD, we remember we had to go to the travel agency. Oh no! Is closed today! And there is no chance we can make it on weekdays because of our schedules… what a useless travel agency, but it has the best offer for the Expo and the trip we want… hmm…

We went home and rested a little bit while enjoying some frozen yoghurt and then we got ready to go the theatre. Our first time in the theatre together in HD and it was a Mexican play (for the special theatre festival). Was a monologue, and a drama, but really well played and well written. The cool thing was that the actress (and writer) spoke in spanish but there were german subtitles on a side screen. Hilarious was when she at some point mentions she went to buy some “esquites” (corn kernels boiled and served in a cup with mayo, lemon, cheese and chilli powder or sauce). The translation read “Currywurst” (german sausage, kind of the only “street food” you can imagine in Germany with curry sauce) hahahahahahaha!! and the same happened when she said she met him in “Vips” (a restaurant, part of the WalMart chain in Mexico where you get breakfast buffet or dishes on the menu, kind of cheap) it was translated as “Yormas” (a place in Germany where you can get sandwiches to go, bread rolls and coffee, not really considered a restaurant). It all plays around and starts with the 1985 earthquake in Mexico city that shook the economy and the city.

I liked it, the play took me and made me feel as if I was there even though I didn’t identify myself with the story or the character. But her role, her monologue, he story telling plus the clips, and feelings around, made me feel it when she was shouting to her parents picture hugging her in the middle. I realised how much damage can one person make to another person, how much can one influence in the other without noticing, and how harsh reality can be. The play is called “Se rompen las olas” and has had a lot of success in Mexico city and other latin american countries as well as in Italy and now Germany.

We had the opportunity to stay for a talk (kind of interview) with the writer/actress Mariana Villegas. It was so cool to meet another Mexican in this town that is not a high school or fresh university student and to hear my own language spoken from other lips, the phrases and the folklore that we mexicans have… because is not the same when I meet a Peruvian, Chilean or Spanish person, and definitively not the same with germans that speaks Spanish.

Anyway, that was Saturday, quite exhausting but well lived. Sunday was more relaxed, we had an excursion “Wege zu Ruhe” in the woods, but we decided not to go, stay warm in bed and having crepes for breakfast. Outside looked fresh and rainy. For lunch we had our first grill of the year (kind of a big thing here in Germany). Afterwards we went and played Green Deal with our friends S&M. Then we tried to defeat the dragon in Andor, but failed. The four of us frustrated, decided to play once more and try again. We failed as well… but we did good planning saving the peasants and avoiding the story to get shorter, we even had time to trick the monsters but the silly Drake is still so powerful and almost immpossible to beat… there must some way… and we will try again! …some other time.

I like my weekends, is a bless having my Schatz, having activities and having friends to share. Was a nice weekend 😌



Mexican, ecogreenlover, designer and music fan.

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