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2 Agosto

2012 – La primera de muchas vacunas al llegar a Deutschland
2014 – Reflexiones del por qué me quedé como Alejandra Martínez al llegar aquí y casarme y lo sigo creyendo:

Why I kept my Martinez last name, why am I not “Trampe-Martínez” or “Martinez-Trampe” or just “Alejandra Trampe”… eventhough that would have allowed many doors to open in a foreign country or just to follow “tradition”?…

well… is my identity and don’t belong to anyone, I want them to notice my face, my skin, history, culture AND my last name make sense altogether and my Mann (understands and respects that) but man! I have received questions and there have been misunderstandings from people because of that

don’t skip reading the article, is quite interesting (and I don’t consider myself a 100% feminist)



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