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Herbstlich Willkommen

I had no idea that term existed, I thought was the first one in saying it hahahaha but anyway, is today’s perfect title.

Summer, weather-wise and mood-wise, is over. The equinox may be until the 23rd but technically is already here, and I have to say I’m glad, is not like I was looking forward to the change of season, buuut, I had my sunshine, my super hot summer, picnics, concerts, festivals, bubbles blowing, outdoor jogging, cycling, hiking and walking, balcony garden, summer fruits and homemade juices, grilling and boat sailing. So I can’t really complain! All in all was a completely fun and fulfilling summer, We did things we didn’t before, we sweat like pigs with the 37°C and higher for daaays! So now is time for some chill autumn, rainy yes, wet and cool, but nice and cozy. Today was the first time since the equinox that I could’t go for a walk because of the rain. Good thing is that the swimming season starts again, so soon I will be enjoying floating on relaxing waters 🙂

Time to drink some tea, bake some goodies and get the warm blankets, sweaters and leggings out! Welcome Autumn, I will surely love you :*



Mexican, ecogreenlover, designer and music fan.

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