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De-stress Day 1

Walk: Yes

Distress Moment 1

  • Situation: Morning, planning ahead. Feeling stressed.
  • Thoughts: I want it all perfect and I can’t think straight.
  • Cognitive Distorsion: ?
  • Distress Level: 1 (tense muscles)

Swim: Yes
Social meeting: Yes

Distress Moment 2

  • Situation: Evening, presenting myself in front of 10+ persons. Strong fast heartbeat when approaching my turn to speak. I had the chance that someone else would speak for me, but I decided not to take it: I had to overcome the fear and anxiety and accepting I have the skills to speak for myself in a language that even though I don’t have an advanced level, but I can communicate. So I did. After 5 more minutes the heartbeat started to slow down. Felt great!
  • Thoughts: everybody will focus on me and if I make a mistake or don’t find the words or I say it wrong they will notice I am a foreigner.
  • Cognitive Distortion: Mind reading, Future telling
  • Distress Level: 3 (strong heartbeat, anxious hands)

Today I achieved:

  1. Even though it was hard to stay focus and got distracted several times (even to have lunch) I managed to finish my tasks
  2. Not to pull the flesh around my nails
  3. Speaking in public and overcoming fear and anxiety


Mexican, ecogreenlover, designer and music fan.

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