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De-stress Day 2

Walk: Kind of… (took a walk in the morning but not with the purpose of exercising, just going in direction to…)
Swim: No
Social Meeting: No

Distress Moment 1

  • Situation: Morning, complaining and being perfectionist
  • Thoughts: I have to do it all myself
  • Cognitive Distortion: All-or-Nothing, Overgeneralisation, Magnification of the Negative
  • Distress Level: 2 (upset)

Therapy: Physiotherapy and Psychotherapy

Distress Moment 2

  • Situation: Afternoon, nervous, anxiety.
  • Thoughts: Probably I’m getting more challenges, maybe speaking in front of public, maybe doing the banana exercise again? I’m not sure how to do the breathing, how come it doesn’t work with me even when sitting or standing? How can I imagine doing it swimming, running or just walking? I can’t do it…
  • Cognitive Distortion: Filtering out the positive, Jumping to conclusions, Catastrophizing, Emotional reasoning
  • Distress Level: 3 (picking flesh around nails, biting lips)

Today I achieved:

  1. Ate the frog, meaning: Late in the day but I did what I hate to do but I have to do, the heaviest task of the week for me (vacuuming the flat)
  2. Went for a walk and met my running friend
  3. Managed to go to bed early, I was super tired with light headache but, unbelievable, I slept 10 hours straight! Recovered a lot of sleep.

This will not turn into a daily journal, is just the beginning of a project that eventually (in one day, two weeks or a month) will have to take note just mentally or on paper without publishing online. I’m in the process of changing my negative thoughts which have caused me in the last 5-6 years some anxiety and panic attacks that have increased in level and got more often. Maybe this can help to somebody who feels the same.


Mexican, ecogreenlover, designer and music fan.

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