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Nature in the city

Yesterday evening while sorting the dishes I saw a small black caterpillar on the countertop and got scared and yelled because at first sight I thought it was a silverfish (I hate those not so little pests here in Heidelberg) so Alex came around and took a paper tissue and grabbed it. It was half dead. We realised it was a caterpillar and wondered how the hell did it get there.

Today, during my morning walk, I like to see the ravens that are now getting together and flying around the trees that were previously occupied by the parrots near the main station. Also those little birds (I don’t know their name) that are so small and fly super low but fast getting around the bushes. I find them cute.

In a not so cute note, today I saw two little buddies dead. The first one near the river on the running path was a little mouse and the other in the middle of the street near our flat where the trams are passing by, there was a squirrel. Now, squirrels are not common to be seen around, they are either in the woods (up the hill, in the wild) or searching for nuts but very pre-cautious of humans. I have seen just one around a tiny quiet street full of trees with acorns. So I wondered how the hell did it get there.

Is clear that wild nature has no place in our urban crowded homes. Even though I’m in a country where they really value nature and respect it, but naturally (ironic, huh?) we push away nature by building and paving all the roads. I felt my heart shrinking.



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