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  • I think I’m a boring person
    I’m not. People in the past have had a good time with me, they have laughed, they have asked me to hang out again.
  • I think I’m an ignorant
    I’m not. Not only because I have had education, but also because I am aware of some political and social situations. I do have topics to talk about and I am able to go deeper in certain topics in a conversation.
  • I think I’m useless
    I’m not. I have proved I have learned many things on my own, and I have acquired many more skills than I used to have just a year ago.
  • I think I’m insecure
    Sometimes I am. But that doesn’t mean I’m insecure all the time. I get insecure when I compare myself with other persons that I personally admire or criticise. Which is not good.
  • I think crying doesn’t solve anything
    It does. Mom in that aspect was wrong. It makes me feel better emotionally.
  • I think crying in front of people will make them take advantage of my vulnerability
    Maybe. But the rules doesn’t apply to everybody and it depends on how I deal with that
  • I think I look ugly when I cry
    Maybe, but who cares, really…


Mexican, ecogreenlover, designer and music fan.

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