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A juxtapositioning fate. Find our mutual coordinates. Moments of clarity are so rare. I better document this. At last the view is fierce. All that matters is Who is open chested And who has coagulated. Who can share and Who has shot down the chances? Show me emotional respect… And I have emotional needs. I wish to synchronize our feelings… Who is open? And who has shut up And if one feels closed How does one stay open? A juxtapositioning fate. Find our mutual coordinates • You grow strong as days go on changing, land forms… You are the wind, and so you run. You pick us up, one by one. You are the wind, push us towards. Your ground says all, lines bird • Don’t know how I was getting by without you here. You rescued me and opened up my eyes. Now I just want to make your demons disappear To be the one who keeps you safe at night. Where do you run When you’re breaking down. Where do you run When you’re screaming now. Where do you run When there’s no one to hear. Where do you run When you need to breathe. Where do you run When you’ve opened me. Where do you run When you can’t face your fears. ‘Cause every time I run, I run to you. The bridges I have crossed since you’ve been next to me. You showed me there’s a life worth fighting for • The line is so clear. Almost feel your skin touching my skin… Breathe in slow slow slow. Explode explode explode. It’s not safe to be here. It’s not safe, I’m scared. Please don’t stop be mine. In a carpet made of stars I close my eyes and dive in. Please don’t stop because I’m scared to. So push your fingers in. Come on and touch my frightened heart. Bring your quiet mouth closer. Come apart. I want to smash through smash through this moment ’til it’s gone. Just want to have you. That’s all • Walking in a desert haze. ‘Been thirsty for a thousand days. Always coming back to your oasis Out of strange places. They say the road that leads to hell Is covered up with good intentions. I guess I must have chosen well Out of a million faces. Nobody’s better than you. Nobody feels like you do… A portrait of you that I’ve done Tattooed inside me… There is no going back ‘Cause you turned my red heart black. Now there’s no going back ‘Cause you turned my red heart. Turned my red heart black • Haunt me. The only one I wish to see behind my eyelids. You stay here like a poison in my blood stream… ‘You know where you can find me Always around. I’m lit up and I’m up there. You know where you can find me Rising your road. I’m lit up and I’m up there’. He said ‘Your demons are gradually dissolving… Stop reaching for what wisdom has no time for. Find your wings girl. Search your spirit’… Dorothy says ‘Love is like quicksilver in the hands: Leave the fingers open and it stays. Clutch it and it darts away’. So goodbye then. Goodbye. So long, friend. My fear is gone. Would you visit? Should you feel for it? It’s been so long, I think I can deal with it • You are easier than me. Oh me, envious, naked and strong. Envious, and different in time… You touched my life this way. I don’t know you. You said I was. You said I was beautiful… You say ‘Don’t you know, I’m happy for your sake. Can’t you see – it’s easier for me?’ …What takes you away from me so soon? So soon, so. You’re taking it all away. I don’t know you. But you said I was beautiful… And inside bloated seeds silence is you. The sound of beauty’s song. A heart broken on jagged edge. A heart broken on your unkempt melody and face. My love, disentangle me. I don’t know you. If you see me, unable to see from miles away. The beauty of me. I feel like I could be hanging on your door. I know I’ll never have your soul But say we’ll always be good friends… Say that you’ll always be here • What can I do To make stay my love. You fit me like a glove. I love when you are by my side. My love is like an endless slide. I feel like the whole world Is flying in my heart. In my heart, in my heart, in my heart. I feel like We could almost be a work of art, Work of art, work of art…  From you to your soul I can take it all. Where are you. My guru. I’m tired of calling you. I wish I could be more than a friend. I wish I could be close to you until the end. Oh please, don’t tell me, don’t tell me you’ll regret. Sometimes you hear that some people love each other but you’ve never met. Oh, I feel so high When you’re next to me my heart is flying in the sky… And I’m sure we can cross the universe. I know, maybe there’s a sea between us But it’s not the time to make a fuss… Take your time to understand • One more time Let’s do it again. Blow my mind. Do it again. And then it arrives The moment before The anticipation. You know it’s like mmm… Wait for the buildup And then let’s do it again… Don’t care what they say It hurts so good I don’t wanna stop. I know I should (But let’s do it again)… The thing you did Do it again. We do what we want. And as soon as it’s done. We just do it again. Let’s do it all And when we come down We just do it again… If you stay around We’ll just do it again •



Mexican, ecogreenlover, designer and music fan.

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