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Today, despite of going to bed a bit late, I woke up around 7.15 when my alarm rang. I wasn’t sleepy anymore anyway, my body is used to wake from Mo-Fr at 6.30.

I had my usual warm morning lemon-honey-ginger-cinammon water and the leftovers from a frustrated breakfast from yesterday that was a total disaster (super salty ricotta pancakes that I managed to fix only after 2 hours and the result were weird pancakes that I wasn’t craving anymore).

I watched in the meantime some youtube videos and afterwards I got distracted by the newsletter I’m setting up. After about 2 hours I saw the clock and I saw I was running already a bit late according to my plans, but not to the opening times of my destinations.

I quickly dressed up, roughly brushed and braided my hair to get out around 11.30 and go to the post stations to collect a package that has the hair dryer we ordered in the beginning of the week. First ever time I will own and use a hair dryer. I am against it but it is necessary if I want to completely sink my hair while swimming and not getting sick afterwards with this cold-humid winter. Specially now that I’ll have my hair short, will be quick… I hope.

After that, according to my plan, I went back home to get the bottles and dispose them in the glass recycling containers. But when arriving to the building, I noticed there was a note in the mailbox to collect another package at some neighbour’s. So I rang the neighbour, very friendly big girl, gave a smaller package. I went home, collected the heavy glass jars/bottles bag and grabbed the ear warmers and off I went.

After disposing the glass, I went directly to the library around 12.30. What a paradise! Finally quiet, finally warm, finally no distractions and no rush.

I grabbed the magazines I was interested in: Novum, Happinez, Öko-Test, der Spiegel Wissen and Psychologie Heute. I took some notes, I watched some guys studying German (judging by the books), I heard a young couple sitting on a hidden table laughing and kissing. I was so into the flow of reading about the Heimat topic, the Ayurveda balance meal recipes and the tests for duvets and mattresses that I didn’t even took my current reading book out of my purse.

I started feeling hungry. I sipped a little from my water bottle and continued. After almost 4 hours, I decided to go home. Arriving I saw something again in the mailbox. It’s a letter from my local penpal! This makes me so happy. Is already a Christmas letter.

I remembered I was very hungry! I wanted to eat something easy and prepare it fast: quesadillas? hmmm but what else?, oh! the vegetarian Schnitzel! ok, with some melted cheese on bread… and maybe some carrot just to eat some vegetable. That’s a big carrot… hmm I could eat half with the bread cheese and schnitzel and the other half mixed with the rest of the quark and some raisins, but no sugar.

It took me around one hour to prepare everything and finally have my alcohol-free beer, salad and dessert ready and served. And then I waited for the Hillsong United acoustic song to finish while I would write this post. It’s been 15 minutes since I started.

I am still hungry. I’m about to eat now.

Was a good day. Correction: Has been a good day. Is not over yet. Later I’ll go roaming the outdoor shops and hunt for a new smartphone. Mine is driving me crazy. It’s been five years, who can you blame? Certainly not my nor the phone.

I’m off.



Mexican, ecogreenlover, designer and music fan.

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