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The more I think about it, the more I remember moments and situations from my last German course level (which ended yesterday), the more I’m convinced there were micro racist signs (because they were not obvious) from the instructor. I didn’t stood up, I didn’t say anything this time, because my main goal was to review the grammar, not  even to get a certificate because I already have one, but to re-learn and practice to feel more confident towards the language so I can start the new level to get the certificate to study a second career here. So, I tried not to care but I did, I tried not to give it too much importance and that it wouldn’t get into me but it did. And now when I say it out loud the faces and reactions make me feel I’m overreacting, overthinking and that how come until now I’m mentioning, that maybe I’m taking things way too personal and exaggerating. That is not too bad, that there must be an explanation and for sure there was no direct intention. And that makes me wonder if I’m really wrong, but every time I’m remembering how it was or the words said, the meaning behind to me and from my perception, my judge (right or wrong), tells me at least that he/she didn’t like me judging by the facts.



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