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Experiences over Posessions

I like that motto. Is not mine, is someone else’s. But I like it and would like to follow it until making it mine. Is true, is better to invest in experiences over stuff. Is not good to wait and live for the paycheck… is not good living under consumerism.

But the thing is: experiences cost money as well. And that is a better investment than buying a new computer. Not arguing about that. But in order to hang out with friends, one has to spend money.

So in then end, you have more experiences, more joy but unfortunately you do still live for the paycheck in order to get that joy. Jus a beer, cinema ticket, a concert, food for a potluck,  doing a trip, buying a gift or the materials to make it yourself. Is gonna be worth it, and is going to last longer that your smartphone.

For sure.



Mexican, ecogreenlover, designer and music fan.

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